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I’ve had a few photo opportunities over the last week. I’ve shared some on Facebook, but the blog gives me a chance to discuss them a little bit.

Tuesday I went out to the coast. It was in the high nineties inland; at the coast it was 75, lightly breezy, and clear.  Doran Beach Park gave me the best view of egrets and pelicans.

The might hunter — a greater egret

The fishing pier at Bodega Bay

Wednesday I visited Old Town Sacramento to meet my friend Terry for lunch.

It was 99 degrees in Old Town; being near the river, probably one or two degrees cooler than the city proper.


I do not think the UPS truck is either a horse or a carriage.

There’s a spot where you walk down half a flight of stairs to get a sense of where the original street level was. These pylons are part of that display — a guess maybe they held a pergola or some kind of roof for the market that was there. I took a picture of the oak tree because we had left a steampunk-themed shop a bit earlier and I had tentacles in mind.

Today I went to Tailor Maid Coffee. Usually I meet Brandy there on Thursdays and we write. She was working, so I went by myself (we did manage to meet on Monday). In theory, I would have gotten a lot of writing done because I wasn’t distracting myself by talking — in practice, I found a cute dog and a guy doing bike tricks. I mean, I didn’t even have to work at it. For the record, I did get quite a bit of writing done.

Unfortunately, my photos don’t do Mike Sanders justice.

Mike Sanders. I like this one for the shadow and the dark backdrop.


And a little closer up.

Meet Possum, a full-blooded Aussie Shepherd, her human told me. The red color is rare. Possum was a friendly and relaxed dog; her human companion takes her running twice a day, which probably explains a lot.

Ready for her close up.





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