The Pomo Youth Dancers

Female dancer

The local Pomo Youth Dancers group performed at the Farmers Market on October 11. The group was founded by Joe Salinas, a staffer at the Sonoma County Indian Health Project. I hadn’t heard of them until this Sunday, ¬†but I’m impressed! I like how many young children are learning about their heritage and practicing the discipline of dance.

The costumes are beautiful.

The women danced second. I loved their costumes and the arabesques of color their skirts made when they spun. It was a warm day and I felt bad for them, but they were pros, and if they were feeling the heat, it didn’t show.


Female dancers

The first boys’ dance looked very much like a flock of foraging birds. I would assume wild turkeys, although turkeys weren’t native to this area.

Boys’ Dance

The second dance was the Deer Dance. The double feathered prongs in the headdresses represent antlers.

Deer Dance

Deer Dancer

The musicians let us know that the appropriate audience response is to shout, “Oh!” and to draw it out, like, “Aaaoooh!” at the end of a dance.

Male Dancer

The smile!

Here is a fund-raising link. And this artist’s site has some beautiful photos and interesting art as well as ¬†information about the group. If you get a chance to see them performing, take it!

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