Goin’ to Kansas City

Wednesday morning:

I wave to this woman. She says, “How ya doing?”

“Great!” I say.

“You here visiting?”

I say, “What gave it away; my camera or the big goofy grin?”

“A little of both,”she says.

Reader on Kansas City Library Stairs

This is my hotel. Seriously. It’s a 1930s historic building.

Aladdin Hotel Lobby

Aladdin Hotel Lobby

And here’s my room. From the front room (they upgraded me to a corner room, just ’cause they could) I look straight across at the courtyard leading to the convention center where WorldCon 2016, also known as MidAmeriCon II is being held.

From the side window I see a gigantic air conditioning unit, lots of blackbirds, and the Crown Plaza hotel.

Hotel room black white and redBathroom with pedestal sink

Welcome to MidAmeriCon.


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