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Here’s an interesting post from John Crowley about voice recognition software and its persistent attempts to turn sounds into words.¬† Scroll down through the comments until you get to his response, where he gives an example:

“I ¬†haven’t captured any yet. But back when I was using Dragon Naturally Speaking I was pausing for thought and on the screen there appeared a single word I had not spoken:


I marveled at that, erased it, went on working; at another pause it wrote, all by itself:


At which point I began to wonder, sort of freak out in fact; and later it asked:


Well whom indeed? I pondered all these things for a day, until at length I noticed — my office then was right on a main road — that trucks going by at certain hours made a certain sound… and yes it could be seen that they were being picked up. Why THOSE words, though, just for ME?…”

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