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Comeuppance Served Cold Earned Out!

This means that I’ve sold enough copies that I’ve paid back my advance, and any royalties now come to me. This is exciting! Comeuppance is now The Little Story That Could in my mind. This doesn’t mean the book hasn’t … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Royalties

In the past, royalties were as mysterious to me as alchemy. Now I have some though, so I have undertaken a study of these arcane payments.  I’m here to report out to you what I have learned. The Oxford Dictionary … Continue reading

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Do Second Hand Bookstores Help Writers?

“Used bookstores don’t help writers.” I bristled when I saw this remark on Twitter. Fortunately this was one of those rare times when, before I fired off a response, I looked around a little, and realized that this stark statement … Continue reading

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