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Words that Ping

A few months ago I posted something about a Santa Rosa restaurant. I’m not going to type the name, since that’s what this post is about, but the name had a nationality’s name in it. Here is it backwards: iahT. … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Hey, you know what, Nostradamus? How ’bout if you just sit this one out?” Bill Mahar, commenting on Bill Kristol’s inaccurate predictions about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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Youth Leading Industry

You should read the whole article posted here at, but here are some facts about workers under 35: –One-third live at home with parents because with student loans and an uncertain economy, they can’t afford housing on their own. … Continue reading

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Making a Left Turn in a Traffic Circle

In case you didn’t know how.

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The Declaimer

There’s this guy who sits under the trees across the street from my office. He has a bike with a dirty yellow backpack lashed to the back. He wears a dark blue baseball cap, and he’s often shirtless. Sometimes he’s … Continue reading

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Talent Runs in the Family

Brian Fies is the author of the acclaimed graphic novel Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, and the Eisner-award winning Mom’s Cancer. This week his daughter, Laura Fies, gave me an autographed copy of her first prize-winning manga, “Talbot.” … Continue reading

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