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A Manner of Speaking

I work with someone who says, when an issue has been rendered unimportant because events have overtaken it, “I guess it’s a mute point now.” I know a few people who use that phrase. I had a conversation with one … Continue reading

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That Palin Book

I hope HarperCollins sells a million copies of the Sarah Palin book. No, seriously. Don’t stage an intervention just yet. In the interest of full disclosure I should note that I haven’t bought the book or read the book, and … Continue reading

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From the Sublime to the Funtime

Sunday afternoon I participated in a Japanese tea ceremony, a contemplative, educational cultural event.  Later that same day I attended the Sonoma-Marin Region of Nanowrimo’s Thank God It’s Over party—a cultural event also, of a different culture.   Our thoughtful … Continue reading

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Tea Ceremony

John and Sunai Chambers are master potters. They live out in the country southwest of town in a small house they’ve remodeled and improved over the years, sheltered by a bay tree, surrounded, in rings, by smaller bays, Douglas fir, … Continue reading

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Merced: The Movie Palace

Monday morning I walked around the very quiet downtown area. The Federal building which I think holds the post office was getting some traffic, and city employees were out doing road work. It was too early for many of the … Continue reading

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