Technical Difficulties

I’m on vacation as I write this. It seems weird to say “vacation” when I don’t work for a living anymore. “A pleasure trip,” then. I’m taking lots of pictures, hundreds, some from my phone and many, many more with DSLR Canon that I love so much.

My plan had been to blog along the way — not exactly live-blogging, which I don’t think is a real thing– but complete at least two posts while I was here, filled with pictures of this awesome Spiritualist hotel, of birds, landscapes, and quirky images, maybe some great ocean pictures when I get to St. Augustine. That won’t be happening.

Microsoft Office’s photo app has glitched on this PC. A reinstall… and then a tedious upgrade, didn’t fix that. Please don’t reply in Comments with some detailed step by step simple fix, because I won’t do it.

You will see some pictures on Twitter and Facebook, because I can post from my phone just fine.

I will post a couple of blogs, though, because some of what I’m doing is just interesting… well, I hope it’s interesting, anyway. And when I get home to the computer that, universe willing, does still upload photos, then I will simply bombard you.

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