Harvest Time at the Farmers Market

The best time of year at the market?

It’s harvest season; late summer, early fall, when squash, pumpkins, apples, pears and tomatoes are in. Leafy greens still abound, and the market is a festival of bright autumnal colors. Even the spindly trees in the plaza join in, turning from green to bright yellow and vivid red.

Kuri Pumpkins. For a long time I thought this was spelled “curry.”

Squash and gourds have come onto the stage now. They’re all good eating — well, maybe not gourds. Many are good carving too, if you are already planning for Halloween.

And peppers.

Peppers are in! Sweet, tangy, spicy and eyeball-melting.

These grapes are locally grown and picked by the growers.

Grapes, apples and pears filled out the fruit/dessert contingent, even though there was one vendor who still had strawberries.

(By the way, an apple with a couple of slices of Joe Matos’s San Giorgio 3-month-aged cheese is a delicious snack.)

Didgeridoo? Alpenhorn? I dunno. Let’s just call it a drone pipe.

September 22nd’s music was provided by this guy, and, yes, he did play the drone pipe and the stringed thing at the same time. He played some Beetle’s tunes — While My Guitar Gently Weeps was my favorite — and the Harry Potter movie theme song.

‘Tis the season for potatoes.

I’m already leaning toward those hearty, slow-cooked meals that go with fall; like pot-roast. I got everything except the roast and the red wine at the market. Go check it out!

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