Why Does MSNBC Love Rush Limbaugh?

I watch MSNBC. I started because the Alaska blog Mudflats recommended the Rachel Maddow Show, and then I branched out to Keith Olbermann. MSNBC purports to be liberal. I say “purports”—for a liberal station they sure show a lot of Rush Limbaugh clips. What, do they own stock in his show or something?

A few weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh said something mean about President Obama. Keith Olbermann showed the clip, or part of the clip, like, I don’t know, seventeen times. Of course, he then followed it with some witty, scathing monologue, but still. . .why?

Yesterday Limbaugh said something mean about President Obama again, or maybe said the same mean thing and then amplified it. At 6:30 am, Pacific time, MSNBC had a bit on it. They dragged in a “Democratic strategist” and a “Republican strategist” to discuss the remarks, as if they were news. BTW, this day, the same day? First day of the G20 summit. Major anti-capitalist demonstrations in London. First overseas visit by our new President. Continued fallout with the automakers. Several new Treasury appointees. A new Michelle Obama frock to discuss. What’s on MSNBC? Limbaugh.

MSNBC’s excuse seems to be, “Well, Limbaugh keeps talking.” News flash; he’s a radio commentator! It’s his job to talk!

Limbaugh already has a TV station to advertise him. It’s Fox News. Please, MSNBC, focus on actual political news, would you? I am not a member of Mr. Limbaugh’s audience, nor do I choose to be. I certainly don’t tune into your station to see or hear him. Please get back to real content, and give Limbaugh exactly the attention he deserves. If you won’t, I will, even if it means I tune you out. If I have to settle for Rachel Maddow on Air America, so be it.

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