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Yearbook Pix; a Rant

So here’s an Internet-spawned political flap, or mini-flap, I want to weigh in on.  Someone found a yearbook picture of Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC journalist and commentator, and put it on the Internet. I don’t know why the person felt … Continue reading

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A Short Rant

At 8:00 pm PST, Rachel Maddow dumped her whole scheduled show and covered the Haitian earthquake. She interviewed an American in Haiti via telephone, the Haitian ambassador, and a woman from UNICEF. While she was doing this, MSNBC kept putting … Continue reading

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Fun With Homophones

Pore (v) to scrutinize, meditate on, or ponder Pour (v) to direct the flow, usually of a liquid, as from a container or over or into something. “Senators pour over Max Bacchus health care bill.” MSNBC ticker, 9/18/09.

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Why Does MSNBC Love Rush Limbaugh?

I watch MSNBC. I started because the Alaska blog Mudflats recommended the Rachel Maddow Show, and then I branched out to Keith Olbermann. MSNBC purports to be liberal. I say “purports”—for a liberal station they sure show a lot of … Continue reading

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