The Books We Got for Christmas

On my way home I spent part of my Four-Eyed Frog gift card, and picked up a few more books.  At home, I found another package waiting.  Here are the Christmas additions: 

The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet, by Arturo Perez-Reverte; another Capitan Alatriste adventure. 

Gilgamesh, the new translation. It’s about. . . well, it’s Gilgamesh. 

The Book Thief, by Markus Zuzak.  I think this may be a young adult book, set in Nazi Germany, about a girl who ends up rescuing books that are scheduled for burning at the big Nazi propaganda events. 

I also bought the 2011 Tidelog, a book that lives in the glove box of my car every year.

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2 Responses to The Books We Got for Christmas

  1. Chad Hull says:

    I’ve heard good things about The Book Thief though anything set in Nazi Germany is a bit of a turn off for me. I’m jealous that you have The Caballero in the Yellow Doublet and I don’t! There may be a purchase in my future…

    I’ll confess ignorance: I know nothing of Gilgamesh. Sounds like a good Christmas haul to me.

  2. Marion says:

    Gilgamesh is a Babylonian epic poem about one of their mythic heroes (Gilgamesh) who was King of Uruk, I think. I read parts of it decades ago in a mythology and folklore class.

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