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Kyle is on a summer adventure. She has a 1982 Chevy van van that she has stripped and outfitted with a variety of presses.  One is a flat press that she used to print “You’re Just my Type.”  On the opposite counter she has a platen press  (see above).  She is in the process of rehabilitating that press, a beautiful piece of machinery that reminds me of a microscope and a cello at the same time.


Kyle is from Portland.  She is chronicling her adventures on her website and on Flickr.  She has been through Oregon, Nevada and parts of northern California. The Saturday before I met her at the farmers’ market she had visited the Center for the Book in San Francisco.  She said she is seeing an interesting mix between library venues, printing/design venues and farmers’ markets.


I asked her if she had connected with the steam-punk crowd.  I think she misunderstood me and thought I said “street punk,” because she talked a lot about street youth, not about steam-punk, but I think the steam-punk crowd will adopt her. Imagine a Victorian venue with a steam-powered teletype machine!


 Moveable type, the telegraph and the internet; agents of explosive informational and societal change.

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