What I Hear at the Library

It’s about 3:00 on Wednesday and I’m at the Sebastopol Library. This library was recently renovated and I love it, but I’m old enough to remember when libraries were quiet. This one is not quiet. There is a lot to hear at the library.

What do I hear at the library?

  • The voices of librarians and the people who ask librarians questions.
  • Children exclaiming with delight over books they’ve discovered.
  • Babies fussing.
  • Babies crying.
  • Crying dopplering away as parents whisk crying babies outside.
  • The whirr of backpack and laptop case zippers. (Other zippers? I certainly hope not!)
  • Soft thunk and thud of books loaded onto carts.
  • Soft thunk of books being shelved.
  • Windows music triumphantly announcing a successful launch.
  • Jingle of the leash on the stocky golden retriever service dog.
  • “Ooof!” of the service dog as he plops down under his human’s chair.
  • “Ooooh!” of the silver-haired lady who wants to pet the service dog.
  • Clicking of keys at the computer station behind me.
  • Clicking of my keys.
  • Rustle of newspapers and magazines. Sharper rustle of plastic bags.
  • Beep, tinkle, chime and salsa-dance of various cell phones.
  • Throat-clearing.
  • A cough. An answering cough.
  • High-pitched beep of the optical scanner at the self-serve check out station.
  • A giggle. An answering giggle.
  • Whispers.
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