Winter Vegetables

The Santa Rosa ¬†farmers’ market is small during the winter, and the Wednesday market is even smaller by designer, lacking the protein vendors (although at least two vendors had eggs).

Gaga Cafe was there, doing a brisk business with the farmers, since I was the only customer right then.

From Armstrong Farms I got kale and a variety of carrots. Some are red, some are carrot-orange and a few are pale yellow-white. I think we’re going to have salmon, carrots and mashed potatoes on Friday. Oh, that might clash in color though…

He also had beets, red and golden. I didn’t buy any, but I wish now that I had. I could make roasted beet salad, or even borscht soup. Maybe Sunday I’ll pick up a few.

From the central valley citrus farm, whose name I can’t remember, I got three navel oranges.

Next to Armstrong, a forty-something woman was selling greenhouse tomatoes. With our unseasonably warm weather, they tasted almost like sun-ripened, summer tomatoes. I got four for salads this week.

Tonight, Daviolo’s sausage, kale strudel and salad for dinner. Tomorrow, chicken, stuffing and baby broccoli.

Life is good.

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