American Alley

Tentacles (?) and ferns

I went to Petaluma to visit Kentucky Street, which holds Copperfield’s Books, Cafe Zazzle, and a couple of antique shops. I was looking for an end table I had seen the previous weekend, which, as it turned out, was in the antique store called Sienna, on Petaluma Boulevard, not Kentucky Street. Parking was in short supply with even the parking structure filled, so I ended up parking on Western Avenue, two blocks west of the boulevard.

Sienna had the table I wanted and it even fit in the trunk, so all was good. Taking it to the car and walking back meant I had two opportunities to look at the artwork in American Alley. American Alley is across the courtyard from Safety Alley, with which I am more familiar, but there’s some tasty stuff on these historical red brick walls too. If you walk all the way through you come out in a small courtyard with a fountain, some benches, American P.I.E. (a bakery specializing in… pie) and a Starbuck’s. Across the courtyard is Safety Alley.

Two London Foodies

Two London Foodies is a cafe and specialty store in American Alley (so much irony) next to — wait for it — the Prince Gallery.

The art is connected to another gallery, one that I couldn’t find an entrance to. There’s a story in the making.

Various art-works:

A closer look.

She is actually holding a sign saying “Migra.”

And we have found the boundary of the cool zone. It’s good to know, I guess.

The End.



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