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Space Corps!

It  surprises me to say this, but Donald Trump may have just won me over. Wait, let me explain. First, let me give a bit of context. I’m currently on a pleasure trip in Florida. Florida, as you know, is … Continue reading

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Squid Pro Quo

 Kraken, by China Mieville Ballentine Del Ray, 2010 There are two adjectives for China Mieville’s Kraken, “fun,” and “exhilarating.” Mieville’s longer works have always seemed serious to me.  Intricately imagined, believably peopled with intriguing characters, and told with elaborate arabesques … Continue reading

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. . .Where We’ve All Gone Before

Star Trek Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana Directed by: J J Abrahms 2009 (May contain spoilers. Probably not, but don’t say you weren’t warned.) Saw Star Trek. Wow! Like a long roller-coaster ride with lots of light and … Continue reading

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Star Trek, Tool of the Antichrist

              So, you probably think I’m being flippant.  A tool of the Antichrist?  Really?  What, she’s like, really mad that JJ Abrams has taken over the franchise, or something?             No, it’s much more serious than that.             I … Continue reading

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