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Gears of the City

Felix Gilman’s next Ararat book is out in hardcover.  Thanks to my generous friends Greg and Mary, I have a gift card at Amazon that more than covered it, so I ordered it. You might think, in an era where … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“I began to tremble and he noticed.  Why do I have to like the worst ones? I thought, why do I have to be attracted to the most brooding, least cultured, most desperate ones?  It’s a question I ask myself … Continue reading

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A Ball of String

Divisadero Michael Ondaatje Vintage House International, 2007               Divisadero is a book about men searching for father-figures.  At first that’s not obvious.  What could possibly connect Lucien Segura, elusive early 20th century French poet and novelist, with Cooper, the … Continue reading

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Zero Friends

Yesterday I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in, oh, probably 20 years.  (And she looks great!)We were both in Treehorn Books.  She was getting the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials trilogy and Milton’s Paradise Lost since it is … Continue reading

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After Christmas, 2008

            When I packed to go to St Orres, an inn in Gualala, after Christmas, I took three of my Christmas books—Divisadero, which I started Christmas day, Bone by Bone, and Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare; the World as Stage.  I thought … Continue reading

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