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Two Bleak and Slender Books: Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag,Louise Erdrich  HarperCollins,  2010   “Police conducted a search of Dorris’s Minneapolis home less than two weeks before his death; among the items seized was a diary kept by one of his daughters.” A Broken Life;; Accessed 3/7/10   … Continue reading

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Around Town

 (The pictures in this post may or may not go with the text.) Last week I stopped at Fiesta to pick up some halibut for dinner. A note about Fiesta—the official name of the store is now “Pacific Market.” They’ve … Continue reading

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Five Foods had an article on five foods you should eat every day.  They were:  Dark leafy greens Something from the onion family (includes garlic) Whole grains Nuts Yogurt with active cultures  Last night I brought home shrimp for the Sig-O.  … Continue reading

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Your Morning Crow

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I Heart Elizabeth Warren, Part II

Elizabeth Warren continues to fight for Americans. Continue reading

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The Maltese Omlette

Imagine the Maltese Falcon with every character as someone from a nursery rhyme. Sam Spud is a San Francisco detective and the libidinous Humpty Dumpty is his partner. When the alluring Ms. Muffet comes with a request for help, Humpty can’t resist her. Soon he is dead, scrambled, poached. Continue reading

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