All’s Faire; Release the Hounds

I love the dogs who attend this event, both the gargantuan wolfhounds and the slender, elegant lurchers.

wolfhound 002

Zarthustra — or “Z” as we like to call him — is an Irish Wolfhound.


Brekkan is a lurcher. Lurchers are mixed breed dogs, usually a cross between two sight-hounds. Brekkan, like her sister Gwendolyn, is part greyhound, part deerhound.

brekkan 001

Being part greyhound, they must be hyper, yes? Why yes, and here she is being hyper. It is a myth that greyhounds are “hyper.” They do like to run, but humans who interact with them call them “45 mile per hour couch potatoes.” They prefer to lounge and sleep — unless they see a rabbit or a cat.

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