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RIP, Robert Parker

Robert B Parker, creator of Boston sleuth Spenser, PI Sunny Randall and small-town sheriff Jesse Stone, passed away on 1/18/10.  He was found dead at his desk where he had been writing, which seems like how he would have wanted … Continue reading

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The Streets of Laredo

Here is a link to the very sad story of the closure of the last bookstore in the town of Laredo, Texas. Not the last chain bookstore. Not the last independent bookstore. The only bookstore. I worry about us. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34452179/ns/business-retail/

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Spoiling the Surprise

So, on Saturday the Sig-O and I are going to Gualala for Brian Fies’s book-signing at the Four-Eyed Frog. And tonight, the Sig-O says, “Do you have a copy of Brian’s book?” And I’m all, “Um, yeah,” because I have … Continue reading

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Bloggers on the Bus

Bloggers on the Bus Eric Boehlert Free Press Simon and Schuster, 2009 “In many ways Clinton was the AOL to Obama’s Google during the campaign season. Online, she represented the more lumbering, established giant, and he was the nimble newcomer. … Continue reading

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15 Books in 15 Minutes

On Reading the Leaves, Terry Weyna issued this challenge: Take no more than 15 minutes to write down 15 books that have most influenced your thinking; that you refer to in your own writing, conversation or reflection. (Terry changed the … Continue reading

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One for the Car, One for the Briefcase, One for the Chair

. . .and a couple by the bed. I’d like to say, “on the nightstand,” but in fact they’re on the floor. My car book was the new classic science fiction novel Out on Blue Six. Out on Blue Six … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

              “The natural form of the hallways and chambers seemed to be roughly hexagonal, or sometimes curved, like a vast snail shell; or sometimes complex and unfolding, like a fern.  An elaborate machinery extruded and snapped tightly into place. … Continue reading

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Reading the Leaves

            If you like books, or writing about books, check out Terry Weyna’s blog Reading the Leaves.  Terry is in my writers’ group but I didn’t know about her blog until recently.  It’s like stumbling across that used bookstore in … Continue reading

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