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The Dickens Fair; in Which our Heroines Encounter an Eccentric, and Procure Refreshment

Victorian ladies with their Starbucks drinks  Spouse gave me an assignment before I left for the fair; come back with a report on the proportion of steam-punk-themes costumes to Dickensian, or street clothes. Certainly we were both expecting a large … Continue reading

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When the Student is Ready, the Costume Will Appear

  Usually, around February I decide I should do a Halloween costume.  Then I forget.  About three days before the holiday I scrounge around and find my old black velour cape and my witch’s hat, and call it good. Not … Continue reading

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Clockwork Angel

“And then comes the final test, the infallible touchstone of the seventh-rate: Ichor. It oozes out of severed tentacles, it beslimes tessellated pavements, bespatters bejeweled courtiers, and bores the bejesus out of everybody.” Ursula K. Le Guin, “From Elfland to … Continue reading

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