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Zero History

Zero History, William Gibson Putman, 2010 I’m a little disappointed in the plot of Zero History, but I’m not disappointed in the book. Gibson’s latest reunites us with Hollis Henry, former lead singer of the Curfew, currently unemployed.  Hollis had … Continue reading

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Around the Internet

A couple of interesting links: If you’re from California, these singers will be vastly entertaining.  If you’re not, you might still like the accoustic instruments and the traditional folk tune, and you will have learned a lot about California politics.  … Continue reading

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Talk like Yoda on acid, he.

I haven’t made fun of comments in a while, but this one is a tour de force.  I thought maybe it was a mathmatical puzzle, that every fifth word was a secret verb and if substituted for every third word, … Continue reading

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Sandman Slim

Sandman Slim; Richard Kadrey Eos, 2009 Would James Stark, the hero of Kadrey’s Sandman Slim, and Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden get along?  Here’s what I think.  They could drink together, but sooner or later they’d get into a fight and … Continue reading

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Meg Whitman Has No Business Sense

Here’s a fable:  You are the CEO of a global corporation, sixth largest of its kind in the world.  Your company has had an illustrious history, but right now things aren’t going well.  Accounts payable exceed your receivables, your corporate … Continue reading

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P-30; An Impressive Bowl of Soup

P-30 707.861.9030 • 9890 Bodega Highway Sebastopol, California I’ve read glowing reviews of P-30, but never been able to stop there before.  The location, on Highway 12 between Sebastopol and Bodega, is a little difficult to get into, it’s small, … Continue reading

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The Trevor Project

Lisa Derrick at posts this heartfelt statement from Tim Gunn, addressing the recent spate of gay teen suicides.

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Calabash 2010

  Artists can turn gourds into shrines, masks, vehicles, panoramas and musical instruments.  The people at Food For Thought, the AIDS food bank, can turn a garden into a place of hope, peace and connection.  When those two forces merge … Continue reading

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Colors of the Market

I was waiting to pay for shallots and strawberries at Nancy’s booth and a man a few years older than me, who had been talking to Nancy, peered at my tote bag.  “The Four Eyed Frog Bookstore.  In . . … Continue reading

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