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4:55 AM

The irregular pattering on the leaves of the olive tree woke me. The breeze blew puffs of rain-sweetened air through the opening in the slider, filling the dark room. I was lying on my side so I didn’t see any … Continue reading

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All About the Stakes

I recently finished the first draft of the sequel to Aluminum Leaves. The beginning was pretty good. I thought the end was pretty good too; the plot threads came together in something that looked like woven cloth rather than a … Continue reading

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Epix’s Pennyworth is Overpriced

Spouse and I watched some free shows from the premium cable channels during Watchathon. One series we watched was Epix’s fantasy Pennyworth. I didn’t know the show was based on a DC comic book set in an alternate Britain. I … Continue reading

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I’m re-watching Grimm, the old NBC urban fantasy series set in Portland, Oregon. It ran for six seasons, from 2011 through 2017. I’ve re-watched a few seasons before, but I can’t remember when I watched it straight through from start … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now #4

The Sonoma County Emergency Services home page has daily information on the state of the coronavirus and Covid in Sonoma County. Clearly this page is a collaboration between Sonoma County Department of Health Services and the Office of Emergency Services. … Continue reading

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Not All Pirates Are Cool

Self-published writer John van Stry recently prevailed in a lawsuit against a man named Travis McCrea, who was the founder and leader of the Canadian Pirate Party. He was, and maybe still is, part of the USA branch of the … Continue reading

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Killing Eve, Season Three

BBC’s weird, wonderful cat-and-mouse thriller-romance-comedy Killing Eve is back for Season Three. Every season I wonder how they are going to keep this over-the-top series going and every season they manage. When you talk about Killing Eve, you have to … Continue reading

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Debbie Downer and the Dystopian Library Scenario

I’m coming at this article with an emotional reaction that is out of proportion to the actual text, and I’m reacting to context, because this column ran in Publishers Weekly. I’ve read the article twice now, and I’m still twitching … Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now, #3

How I order at Adela’s Westside Cafe. I’ve already put on my mask. I squirt hand sanitizer on my hands. Using a tissue or part of a paper napkin, I push open the door. (Once or twice I took a … Continue reading

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A Sip from Chalice

Here is a scrap from a work in progress, Chalice, a fantasy novel set in Seattle in the 1930s. Magic flourishes and booze is still illegal. Gabe is a blind tattooist who has acquired a set of magical tattoo needles … Continue reading

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