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The Books We Got for Christmas, 2019

It was a banner year for books! I’ll start from the bottom and go clockwise, finishing up with the two “pocketbooks” in the middle. Ravenmaster is for me. It’s written by Christopher Skaife, Yeoman Warder of the Tower and London, … Continue reading

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Christmas, 2019

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The Wheel of the Year

2019’s been a hell of year, hasn’t it? It’s nearly solstice and I planned to write an introspective piece on the year, mainly because I never did my “Things I’m Thankful For” column. When I sat down I was immediately … Continue reading

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Reading the Field

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is a developing writer who plans to write science fiction. We started talking about who they had read, and it emerged that they haven’t read the field recently. … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Royalties

In the past, royalties were as mysterious to me as alchemy. Now I have some though, so I have undertaken a study of these arcane payments.  I’m here to report out to you what I have learned. The Oxford Dictionary … Continue reading

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The SFWA Nebula Reading Suggestions

When I met John Hartness at AtomaCon, he told me that he had put Aluminum Leaves on the SFWA suggested reading list for the Nebulas. I’m excited to be on this list. The Nebula is voted on by SFWA members, … Continue reading

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Packing for AtomaCon

Tomorrow I’m heading to South Carolina for AtomaCon 2019, where I hope to meet, face to face, John and Melissa, publisher and assistant publisher. I’ll also be hanging out with Con and writing friend Tania Burchell, who I met first … Continue reading

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Four Eyed Frog

On Sunday, November 10, I did a book event in Gualala, at the Four-Eyed Frog. I sold one book, and three supportive friends drove down from Mendocino to hang out. Otherwise attendance was not good. It was still a fun … Continue reading

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Day Four: The Exiles Return

Day Four: Tuesday, around 10:00 am, after Liam thoroughly trounced me at Pokemon, we headed home. Traffic was light. The sky was pinkish-copper and my throat and nostrils itched with the smoke as soon as I went outside. We drove … Continue reading

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Day 2/Day 3: The Things We Carried

Day Two, Sunday: David and Tracey Jackson made room for us in their household, which includes a ten-year-old, a seven-year old and a dog, with no muss and no fuss. At least, that’s how Tracey made it look. A longtime … Continue reading

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