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In the Village

A blond woman a few years younger than me was taking photos with a long lens. She wore a cloche hat over a stocking cap but I could still see locks of hair beneath the headgear. “Nice lens,” I said … Continue reading

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Story Walk

These brightly colored pedestals are my tax dollars at work, and I’m proud and happy that my money’s being spent this way. This is the Story Walk that curves around the High Street entrance of the Sebastopol Library now. The … Continue reading

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Living Room to Library

We started a process to change our outdated living room into a library. It was never a living room. We live, to all intents and purposes in the space called the family room. The step-down room right off the front … Continue reading

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Trail of Lightning

Last year Rebecca Roanhorse won both the Hugo and the Nebula Awards for her short story “Welcome to your Authentic Indian ExperienceTM.” Her first novel, Trail of Lightning, is out, published by Saga Press. I loved the book’s action, its … Continue reading

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Why I Love the Internet; Reason 701

I wanted to check and make sure that flashlights were in common use in 1930, for a scene in a story. I thought they probably were because I think they are mentioned in some of Dashiell Hammett’s fiction, but you … Continue reading

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The Scandalous Poet’s Daughter

Sometimes a well-written book fails to satisfy simply because it isn’t what the reader wanted or expected. This was largely, but not entirely, the case for me with Jennifer Chiaverini’s book Enchantress of Numbers. I bought the book at Book … Continue reading

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Notes From the Bookstore

Wednesday was a slow day at the bookstore. First of all, it rained off and on all day. Secondly, it was a work day for most people, so while there was a small flurry of activity from around 11:45 to … Continue reading

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The Cover Design Survey

Falstaff Books purchased a novella from me back in early 2018. A few months ago they advised me that my work was with the copy-editor and I would be hearing from them at some time in the future. Last week … Continue reading

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The Missing

Starz has two seasons of a limited run show called The Missing. Each series or season, about 8 episodes, tells a complete story. I won’t say there aren’t cliffhangers (there’s a hell of one at the end of Series 2) … Continue reading

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Public Readings.

In early March I attended FOGCon in Walnut Creek California. One thing I always attend at FOGCon are author readings. In one session, I heard a writer named Matt Maxwell read from his independently published novel Queen of No Tomorrows. … Continue reading

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