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The Black Tower by P.D. James; is it Dated, or is it Me?

I just read The Black Tower by P.D. James. I thought it was a re-read for me and that I had read it at some point in the dark and distant past. I was less of sure of that after … Continue reading

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Raising the Stakes; Orphan Black

“Raising the stakes.” It’s something genre writers think about (hear about, read about) a lot. With some genres, like thrillers, mysteries and romances, the common wisdom is that action has to start very soon on the page and, to paraphrase … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday; The 13th Doctor Makes Planetfall

Doctor Who is a very old British science fantasy show. It follows an alien character called The Doctor. The Doctor travels around in a time/space vehicle called the TARDIS, which stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space but really … Continue reading

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The Not-the-Julia-Child-Kitchen; Japanese Eggplant

The Japanese eggplant caught my eye because they were beautiful, so I bought some. I thought they’d make a nice saute to go with the salmon that night, and I was right. Eggplant is a chewy vegetable with a subtle … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday; The Miniaturist.

The Miniaturist showed on PBS Masterpiece last month. You may be able to find it On Demand. The three-part adaptation of Jessie Burton’s novel and book-group favorite was beautiful, borrowing unabashedly from the visual style of the Dutch Old Masters; … Continue reading

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The Professional Writer, One Model

I follow a lot of writers on Twitter and Facebook, and I read quite a few writers’ blogs. It’ll be no big surprise that lots of well-established writers, at least genre writers, still have day jobs. They sell their work … Continue reading

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The Prohibition Tour, Better Photos!

I was sure I had better photos from the “Booze, Broads and Jazz” tour, and I did! In particular, I have a not-blurry photo of Jake. So I’m pretty darned happy about that. These attractive balconies were not just an … Continue reading

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Visiting San Rafael

Earlier this week I took the SMART train to San Rafael to meet friends Donna and Margaret for lunch. Donna was driving up from San Francisco and Margaret lives just outside of the San Rafael city limits. Margaret recommended Sol … Continue reading

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My birthday was on Friday. Any day is a great day to have a birthday but one bonus about Friday is that it’s the start of the weekend, so you can extend your birthday celebration if you want. On Friday … Continue reading

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Remember Me

Remember Me aired on PBS, an import from BBC filmed in 2014. The show comprised three one-hour episodes as a disillusioned detective and a young caregiver tried to solve the mystery of a missing old man and two suspicious deaths. … Continue reading

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