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Magic; Who Gets to Wield It?

Magic can stand in for a lot of things. It can symbolize trickery and deceit. It can represent art, healing, spectacle; it can be about loss, sacrifice, family and love. In epic fantasy, nearly always, the question about who has … Continue reading

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The Working Rehearsal

Spouse and I listened went to the Sebastopol Library to hear the Santa Rosa Young People’s Chamber Orchestra.  The email notice I got called this event a Dress Rehearsal, but it wasn’t that, as least not by every definition I … Continue reading

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Running in Slow Motion; A Writing Exercise.

My husband and I have this thing we do sometimes where we run toward each other in fake slow motion* –true, silly, very, very dreadfully silly we have been and are, but why will you say that this is bad? … Continue reading

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Magical Systems

I had a great conversation with Brandy this week about magical systems. It got me thinking. I’ve loved fantasy since I can remember. I loved fairy tales as a child, particularly ones where girls went alone into a dark wood … Continue reading

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Annihilation the Movie; That One Scene

Warning; Spoilers probably. This isn’t a complete review, so here’s a link to the cast and crew, if you’re interested. I saw the movie Annihilation. I liked it, and I think I will be in the minority. There were five … Continue reading

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Auburn in Winter

I named this “Auburn in Winter” but it is mostly about Nevada City, where, last week, Sharon and I spent a day window shopping and taking pictures. If you are headed for Reno or the snow, and need a stopover, … Continue reading

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Do Second Hand Bookstores Help Writers?

“Used bookstores don’t help writers.” I bristled when I saw this remark on Twitter. Fortunately this was one of those rare times when, before I fired off a response, I looked around a little, and realized that this stark statement … Continue reading

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Television Tuesday; Falling Water, Season Two

Welcome to Television Tuesday; the Wednesday edition. I got behind on blogging this week. * Falling Water returned for a second season, airing Saturdays at 10:00 pm on USA. It’s also available On Demand. I was pleasantly surprised the show … Continue reading

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The Hugos: Let’s Get Ready to Nominate!

It’s award season! Currently, the Hugo committee is accepting nominations, from eligible voters, for the finalist list of the 2018 Hugos. I’m an eligible voter. The Hugos are complicated! Seriously, there is a voting system that employs ranking rather than … Continue reading

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Three French Islands

About twelve miles off Canada’s eastern shores (Newfoundland and Labrador) there are three islands that are still part of France. St Pierre, Miguelone and Langlade sit at the entrance to Fortune Bay. The islands are a French Territory. As you … Continue reading

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